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Our Clients Have Spoken and the Results Are In:
“The Sold By An Angel Team® is a Winner!”


Dearest Angel,

Cody and Zannah were just in the office bringing some straggler documentation.  I sat down and talked with them for a few minutes and I have to share something with you.  They absolutely love you.  Not just “you” for being you... they also love your skills.  Cody says,She’s Gooooood!”  Your superb negotiating skills did not go unnoticed.  They indicated that you are sooooo nice, but when it comes to negotiating for them you were very professional, but basically a tiger.  You definitely have 2 new referral sources!


It’s A Good Life!
Sherry Barker, Mortgage & Construction Loan Officer
Bank of Utah


To the Most Professional, Patient, and Sweet Real Estate Team out there…
Thanks Guys! We love our new home!!

Val, Danny, Taylor, and Sage


Dear Angel,
Time and again you have shown both excellent negotiating and coaching skills! The experience of working with you and your Team with selling all of our properties has been very satisfying. There have been times when I would have given up more value than needed if it were not for your talented negotiation.

The value of your services has repeatedly been demonstrated over the year.

One of your greatest qualities is Integrity. I appreciate your commitment to my best interests in attaining the best selling value possible.

Having the experience of selling 10 homes through your services, you are the best Realtor I have ever experienced. Thank you for such an awesome level of support!

David Larson 


My husband and I were referred to Sold By An Angel Real Estate® by a friend.  I am happy to say that I never regretted our decision to go with Sold By An Angel Real Estate®.  If anyone asked if it was worth the brokerage fee... I would say every single bit. 

Angelina was on the phone with us constantly. With her upbeat personality and enthusiasm it was hard not be excited to sell our home.  After just a few short visits Angelina also became a great friend.  She spent a few hours with us staging our house and making sure that it was show ready. 

We were very impressed with the whole Sold By An Angel Team® and the professionalism that they offer.  If you have any questions regarding their service and quality just take a look at their track record.  They had our house sold in 3 weeks.  Thanks again to Sold By An Angel Real Estate® and Angelina for a job well done!!

Dustin and Amy Thompson



Dear Angel,

I just wanted to tell you thanks again for everything you have done for me in purchasing my new home! You and your staff have made this such an easy process! I will refer everyone I know to you! Thank you so much!

Kirsten Larson


Dear Angel,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the superb work you and your excellent team did for me on the sale of my property.  The level of service you provided for me was unsurpassed in my experience with any company.

You and every member of your team were the epitome of professionalism throughout the months we worked together.  I'd like to tell you some of the things that, for me, made your service stand out above all others:

  • I received complete, thorough written information as well as a verbal explanation about your marketing plan at the time of signing our contract together.  No questions were left unanswered.
  • I received a detailed booklet, including photos, on how to make my home most appealing to prospective buyers.
  • The booklet on market information was specially prepared for my property and was full of pertinent and interesting information.
  • The property home book was a work of art.  It was made available to every prospective buyer and showed off my home to its best advantage.
  • The web information and virtual tour were beautifully done.
  • My property was vacant, which was a real concern for me, but someone from your team inspected it weekly and then sent me updates by mail.  That really impressed me.
  • Someone from your team was almost constantly in contact with me.  I know that my needs mattered to you and would be taken care of.
  • Phone calls were returned promptly.  Questions were answered quickly.  If an answer was unknown, someone found the information as soon as possible and let me know immediately.  I was never left hanging. 
  • The staging of the home's interior was gorgeous.  It made the house feel so classy, and yet cozy - very appealing.
  • The attention to detail at every level was truly amazing.
  • You were always on time!  This really impresses me, as I've experienced so many "professionals" who are late or don't show up at all.
  • Your advice to me was always right on the money.  Every time I followed it the outcome was good.

Highest praise goes to you and your team of "angels."  After experiencing a home sale with you and your team, I would never be satisfied with anyone else.

Thank you for all the "Heavenly Days!"

Helen Watts



I want to send out a great thank you to you and your team. When you dropped off the trick or treat bags the other night for our kids I realized - no, I had a revelation! - that there is no one in your industry in this state that does a better job than you do.

You have a tremendous amount of credibility with me and I want you to know again of my desire to only do business with your company in relation to real estate here in Utah. Additionally, the helpful emails I get from you periodically in relation to the housing market are of great assistance to me. I will gladly refer business to you.

Most Sincerely,

Christopher J. Battrick





Sold By An Angel Real Estate®. Heavenly Service from Cloud Nine™. Angelina Feichko, Angel Feichko, Angel Real Estate.
Sold By An Angel Real Estate®. Heavenly Service from Cloud Nine™. Angelina Feichko, Angel Feichko, Angel Real Estate.
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